Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Archbishop Niederauer Urges Youth: WALK FOR LIFE!

As we prepare for the January 22, 2011 Walk for Life West Coast, excitement is building. From Catholic San Francisco:

Archbishop urges teens, young adults to attend Walk for Life

The thousands of teens and young adults who attend the Walk for Life West Coast will have their own party at the end of the 2 ½-mile trek along San Francisco’s waterfront.

This year, for the first time, the Walk for Life West Coast will feature an event tailored for high school and college students – a youth rally at Fort Mason Center, adjacent to Marina Green.
“The face of the pro-life movement seems to be getting younger every year,” wrote Archbishop George Niederauer in a Dec. 8 letter to high school administrators and parish and school religious education directors, urging them to facilitate teen attendance. “I have always been moved by the positive, non-confrontational attitude of the walkers – men, women and children of various races and religious traditions who come to take part in this testimony to the value of every human life.”

The Seventh Annual Walk for Life West Coast is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 22, with a rally at 11 a.m. at Justin Herman Plaza, followed by a walk along the Embarcadero ending at Marina Green. About 40,000 people are expected to participate, according to Vicki Evans, Respect Life coordinator for the Archdiocese. The 3 p.m. Youth Rally at Fort Mason Center will feature speakers, music and vendors. The rally is funded by the Knights of Columbus and co-sponsored by the Archdiocesan Office of Public Policy and Social Concerns.

“The realization that so many young people are deeply and inherently pro-life led the Archdiocese of San Francisco to organize a rally that would bring together the young people of Walk for Life in an arena where they can participate in praise and worship, and more importantly networking with one another as the future pro-life leadership,” said Timmerie Millington, who is coordinating the event. “This is a great opportunity for the youth of America to come together in support of life where youth can network and be equipped with new ideas to promote the pro-life message.”

“I encourage the support and participation of our schools in the Walk for Life and the Youth Rally to instill in our students a deep respect for human life,” Archbishop Niederauer wrote.
Scheduled to speak at the Walk for Life are former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson; Mary Poirer of Prayerbreaks, who will speak of her experience with abortion; Denise and Brian Walker, founders of Everlasting Ministries; and Kathleen Eaton, founder of Birth Choice Health Clinics.

The California bishops planning to attend the Walk itself will include all four San Francisco bishops, Archbishop Niederauer, Auxiliary Bishop William Justice, Auxiliary Bishop Robert McElroy and retired Auxiliary Bishop Ignatius Wang.

To learn more about the youth rally, go to or on Facebook at!/pages/Walk-for-Life-Youth-Rally/138717492821290?ref=ts.

Timmerie Millington can also be reached at

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's January 22, 2011

The Seventh Annual Walk for Life West Coast! Visit for more information.

Here's the official Walk for Life West Coast 2010 video:

Friday, April 30, 2010

More Walk for Life Music Videos

Our young people are so talented!

Here is a music video from "Couples for Christ NorCal"

And here is one by a young woman named Kristene Mueller. Just lovely!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walk for Life West Coast in Times Square

Darwin Sayo's Walk for Life photo was on the electronic billboard in Times Square!

Kind of hard to make out on this webcam shot, but it must have looked great from ground level.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

WOW! Great Walk for Life Video!

We are blessed beyond belief in our young people!

The song is "Inheritance." The band is "Shadow of the Locust."

They are part of the Lila Rose/Live Action and Rock for Life generation. God Bless them!

In a January 26 interview with Trey on Wut Metaphysical of Shadow of the Locust described the new song:

"Also, look for a new song/video out by Calmplex, Prefekt and I, filmed at the 2010 Walk for Life rally in San Francisco. It’s called “Inheritance” and is basically a tribute to women who don’t abort."

To learn more about Shadow of the Locust, go here.

Asian-American Walk for Lifers on KTSF TV Tonight!

Tonight at 11PM, Dr. Evelyn Li, M.D., and Reverend Tan Tieu, Secretary of the San Francisco Chinese Christian Union will be interviewed live on KTSF's "Talk Tonight" show.

Dr. Li and Reverend Tieu are leaders in the Asian American pro-life community, which has added so much to the Walk for Life West Coast in the last two years. They will be discussing their experiences at this year's Walk.

KTSF is channel 26 in the Bay Area. The show will be rebroadcast Friday at noon, and the call in number is 888-705-1888. Talk Tonight will be in Mandarin.

KTSF website (Chinese)
KTSF website (English)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Crowd Shots

Some nice shots. Double-click any image for a larger version.

On January 22, a Newsweek writer asked where all the "Young, vibrant women" were in the abortion debate, and concluded "Likely, they're at home."

Apparently, the Walk for Life leaders did not get that memo:

And there's our friend Ben giving the thumbs up:

Wall-to-wall pro-lifers

All photos this post courtesy Darwin Sayo,
Walk for Life West Coast Media Team.

More March Photos

It's got to be the prettiest march route in the world. This is Aquatic Park.
Double click image for a larger size.

That's the Balclutha above, an old whaling vessel, part of the Maritime Museum.

The photo below really gives a feeling for the size of the Walk. The walkers stretch all the way behind the building on the right in a big loop to where you see them coming off Jefferson street--and there are thousands of pro-lifers behind them. Photo courtesy Ray Dinkha.

Heading into Fort Mason.

Dolores Meehan and part of the Walk for Life Media Team

That's our dear Bishop Emeritus Ignatius Wang, escorted by the good Knights of Columbus.
Bishop Wang has been in the trenches with us since day one.

These Sisters must be fans of the pro-life hero Reverend Walter Hoye (and who isn't?)
They're wearing his trademark cap!

Taking a rest at the end of the Walk.

A lovely family.

And another. God Bless them!

Unless otherwise specified, photos this post courtesy James & Maureen McKenzie
of the Walk for Life West Coast Media Team.

40,000 Walk for Lifer's an UNDERCOUNT?

So says "Zombie."

For those who have not heard of him, Zombie is a well known San Francisco photojournalist and reporter, who records many demonstrations in the Bay Area. Don't let the name fool you, "Zombie" is a serious man. He has been pivotal in a number of exposès that were then followed up by the mainstream media: "Anatomy of a Photograph", "Obama's Science Czar," etc.

Zombie, who describes himself as "mostly pro-choice" attended the Walk. His testimony as to the number of attendees is significant because first, he is not on our side, and secondly, because he has more experience covering San Francisco demonstrations than just about anybody.

Below are three of his pictures and with the accompanying text, courtesy Zombie and Pajamas Media. Caution: the site has some vulgar images of our opposition.

"After the march was already well under way, I stood in one spot and took a picture looking back toward one end of the human column — which you can see extends off to the horizon…

" …and then pivoted and took another photo toward the other end — which also extends beyond the visible horizon. I’ve been to anti-war rallies which were estimated to have in excess of 100,000 people, and they all seemed smaller than the one seen here. Only 40,000? If you say so…."

"But those two pictures only showed the back part of the column. I ran ahead and climbed up a staircase to snap yet another picture showing a different segment of the march not visible in the previous photos, streaming around a curve in the Embarcadero and once again disappearing off into infinity in both directions."

"Only 40,000? If you say so…."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More From the March: Faces in the Crowd

A group from "40 Days For Life." It will be starting soon!

The founder, Mr. David Bereit was the recipient of the year's "St. Gianna Molla Award" given to those who have shown special heroism in the cause of life.

What a wonderful expression on this young man's face.

And on this Sister's.

As always, the religious were out in force.

Plenty of Dominicans, including our friend Fr. Anselm, below at left.

And other denominations and religions as well.

A blind man walks for life.

And families and kids everywhere. This young man was carrying the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe last year, too. Someone said how wonderful it will be to watch these young people year by year, as they grow up at the Walk.

More soon!
All photos this post courtesy of James & Maureen McKenzie of the Walk for Life Media Team.

Michael Savage: "Should Have Been National Headlines!"

The famous radio host Michael Savage was in San Francisco Saturday on his day off, and just happened to be in Fisherman's Wharf, where he encountered the Walk for Life West Coast.

This is by far the best, most detailed, and most accurate news coverage the Walk has received. God Bless him!

Monday, January 25, 2010

God Bless the SFPD!

We love the officers of the San Francisco Police Department!

The Walk for Life West Coast is about the only demonstration in San Francisco where the police are obeyed and treated with common civility. Notice how they are not facing the Walk for Life but our oppostion. Go here to see the stress on the faces of officers as they have to deal with those who would try to prevent our exercising our right to free speech.

Then compare that to the looks on the faces of these officers:

Officer Mannix with Fr. Tarantino of St. Hilary in Tiburon.

Officer Corry.

God Bless them!

Thank the SFPD for their fine work last Saturday. Write to:

Chief George Gascon
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

or download a prepared thank you letter here.

Photos this post courtesy James & Maureen McKenzie of the Walk for Life West Coast
Media Team.

More photos soon!

March Photos #1

Polls show a large majority of American are pro-life. The Walk for Life West Coast is America.

Pictures don't lie.

Estimates are as high as 40,000 in attendance.

Great signs. That's Nyna, below. She's from India, and is making a film about India' missing girls, killed by abortion and infanticide. It's called "Petals in the Dust." You can learn about it and watch a trailer here.

More great signs.

Goths for Life. God Bless her! And she's right: Johnny was surely with us in spirit.

People from everywhere...

Young couples.

And young people everywhere!

When we posted this photo we did not know these guys were Prefekt & Wut Metaphysical from the band "Shadow of the Locust." We just thought they were two interesting looking pro-lifers.
Well, turns out they have released what is so far the best video of the Walk for Life 2010. It's their song "Inheritance" and we have posted it here.

God Bless them!

Plenty of pro-life veterans, too:

College students: USF

UC Irvine

Ohio State (well, maybe not ;-)

More great photos soon!

All photos this post courtesy James & Maureen McKenzie
of the Walk for Life West Coast Media Team.